About Us

We're a small group of astronomers based in North Yorkshire in the UK. We started using 3D printers to help with some of the problems with viewing, such as attaching equipment easily and quickly. We thought that other people could benefit from some of the ideas we came up with and so StarClamps System was born.

It's evolved and changed over the last year as we add new products to our range. We use PETG for all our printing so you can use it in hot climates wthout worrying it'll deform.

All our products are based around equipment we use and own, but we're very happy to look at new equipment that people have, e.g. We don't have any of the ASIAir boxes and would like to add them to our trays and mounting plates.

As all our design and production is in-house, we can turn ideas into production in a few hours or days. If you have something custom you want designed and built, drop us a line.