Cable Management

Cable management is often problematic with telescopes, cameras, power supplies and computers all vying to make life awkward. Cables have a life of their own, they push against things, they snag on anything and everything. They never stay in place but we haven't invented wireless everything to get rid of them.

Hopefully we can help, we have a range of clips as well as velcro straps.

Snap-on Cable Clips

Our standard clips snap to the sides of all our trays and mounting plates. The clips notch into the holes on all the trays or mounting plates.

The advantage of our clips is that you can ensure your cables are not hanging and cannot catch on your mount or tripod as it moves, or accidently on your hand in the dark. They are easily moved as needed. but secure enough not to fall out no matter what angle your telescope is at.

Our clips are a lightweight, cost effective way to keep your cables under control and easily moved in seconds as you need.

Velcro Straps

Our made to measure Velcro straps are great for where our clips aren't the right solution, so we use straps for fastening power supply leads to tripod legs, or bundles of cables around the dovetail plate, on the counterweight extension arm or around the focusor to keep camera cables in place.

1m Velcro Strap

1m Velcro Strap

Our Velcro straps are sold in 1 metre lengths. They're 2cm wide and can be cut to any length up to 1..


CC-4 Cable Clip

CC-4 Cable Clip

Our CC-4 Cable Clip holds 3-5 cables, depending on the cable diameters. The  CC-4 Cable Clip is..


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