Intel NUC

Intel make a wide range of NUC (Next Unit of Computers) devices. These have been made from 2013 onwards and basically provide a very small compact computer in a box thats circa 100-120mm (4-5in) in width and length. Depending on the model, the height varies from 40mm to 75mm.

These NUC's have a range of specifications from 1st generation NUC's having Celeron CPU's up to the i9-12900 CPU's with 128GB in the 12th generation releases. However they are all self contained and small.

As they run Windows 10 or Windows 11 they make great devices for astrophotography running PhD or SharpCap or whatever software you need.

Intel changed the mounting specifications for their Intel NUC's over the 12 generations to date. There appears to be two different options for the Intel NUC's:

  1. Two M3 holes 95mm apart on the back. This appears to be on mounts from Generation 6 and later.
  2. Two M3 holes 85mm apart on the back. This appears to be on mounts from Generation 5 and earlier.

Intel also supplied a VESA adapter plate which allowed Intel NUC's to be mounted on the VESA plate and then mounted on the back of monitors. We do not currently support the VESA adapter plate, but depending on what Intel NUC you have, we should be able to easily supply you with a tray to directly mount the computer. Simply turn the NUC over and measure the distance between the holes.

Our single design works for both  95mm and 85 mm NUC's.

Our NUC-1 tray will attach to either our Telescope or Tripod Clamps using our standard mounting system.

NUC-1 Tray

NUC-1 Tray

The NUC-1 Mount Tray is specifically designed to work with Intel NUC's that have two M3 mounting hol..


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